About this handbook

Handbook structure

Context pieces about social innovation labs and the state of the field in Canada.


Illuminating the different lenses and tools labs have for seeing complex systems and other world views.


Practices for working with our intrinsic interconnectedness and ensuring that we're making real transformational change.


The ins and outs of running a lab, from getting started to methodologies, funding, lab typologies and evaluation.

Work in progress - feel free to edit and add!

It's intended that this handbook won't be a static document, but rather a piece of collective infrastructure where developing knowledge from the Canadian labs field can be deposited. It's intended as a shared learning resource. We chose to publish it on GitBook for it's integration with GitHub - the platform that powers the Open Source movement.
So this Handbook is essentially Open Source. What does that mean? It means anyone can click the [Edit on GitHub] button on the top right of the screen and propose changes and additions to the handbook for our stewards to approve. For those of you who haven't used GitHub before, here's a handy guide Enspiral created for people to contribute to their GitBook.
If you've got something to add to the Handbook but using the process above don't work for you then you can feel free to email [email protected] and I'll add in your changes.


This handbook has been developed as a knowledge product of the CONVERGE Canadian Lab Practitioners Exchange hosted by RADIUS SFU in Vancouver June 27-28. 130 lab practitioners and social innovation enablers came together for rich discussions as a field. This handbook contains a synthesis of those conversations, sharing the insights, questions and provocations our team believed would be useful to the Canadian labs field at large.


This handbook would not be possible without the amazing CONVERGE team, our Advisory Group and generous partners.
Team :
    Kiri Bird, Associate Director, RADIUS SFU
    Sara Blenkhorn, CONVERGE Producer + Director of the Leverage Lab
    Nigel Mojica, Communications Officer RADIUS SFU + CONVERGE Co-host
    Chloe Waretini, Designer + Synthesis Reporter
Advisory group :
    Aleeya Velji, SHIFT Lab
    Amanda Hachey, NOULab
    Ben Weinlick, Action Lab and Edmonton Shift Lab
    Clare Buré, MaRS Solutions Lab
    Darcy Riddell, McConnell Foundation
    Janey Roh, Kudoz/InWithForward
    Keren Perla, Alberta CoLab
    Kiri Bird, RADIUS SFU
    Lindsay Cole, City of Vancouver
    Sara Blenkhorn, Leverage Lab
    Saralyn Hodgkin, Social Innovation Institute
Partners :